We Share Abundance

WE Share Abundance – The Concept

Why we are different and what we actually are is what many people don’t understand?

First and foremost we are a new community.

WE SHARE ABUNDANCE it is a new Community, an Internet State, and our greatest and only real resource is the members of our community, who are welcomed from all nations and backgrounds and who have a will to work as One for the benefit of the community as a whole. Naturally, we have our own structure, laws, and regulations to protect all and that should be respected as you respect the laws of your country of residence. The structure of our community is set up in such a way that every member is a benefit to all other members through the “Power Of One”.

We also have our own economy and currency with a knowledge-based economy. All our members are unique and have unique talents to bring to the community as a whole and all are treated equally in every way and have the same opportunity to grow and share the abundance we create. Each member is “One” and a part of the “One Community” guided by the divine will of “One God”.

Regarding our currency, if we look at the emergence of Crypto Currencies and especially Bitcoin which was first released in 2009, we can learn from the short history. When Bitcoin first arrived it had no value and was regarded as a passing fad only accumulated by a few nerds and with no practical use. In May 2010, a year after its release, the first purchase using Bitcoin happened when 2 pizzas were purchased for 10,000 Bitcoin. Within 5 days a small part of the world began to see that there was more to Bitcoin than first thought and the price increased 1,000% to 8 cents each.

Bitcoin has no nation behind it, no product or service to back it but since 2010 has grown in value to thousands of dollars each creating many millionaires along the way. It is a speculative coin and although now accepted in many stores 98% of the people who buy Bitcoin hold it as an investment.

WE SHARE ABUNDANCE has its own currency in the WESA Token, but unlike Bitcoin, it is unique among the many thousands of other Cryptos in that it has a Guaranteed Minimum Value within our community. This is a value programmed into the extremely limited issue of new WESA Tokens and in such a way that the value can never be reduced and only increase. The effect of this in the free market is that from a few cents in May 2019 our currency now trades on the Wave’s Exchange at around $25 each.

WE SHARE ABUNDANCE is a community with a mission. True, our members seek to improve their own financial worth as do members of all communities throughout the world, but they do so in keeping with our mission and through the “Power Of One”.

Our mission is to build a community of like-minded people who seek more than just material gains. A community built around service to others, and in doing so create a sustainable income plan helping all members find hope and extra income through making the WESA Token a valuable asset. The abundance of Peace, Hope, Harmony, Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Love are our goals and are the birthright of all people everywhere.

Through creating abundance within our community we will also generate additional income to be used for charitable work focused on curing the causes of suffering rather than treating the symptoms.

Some of our initial charitable goals will include…

  • Taking orphans to Disneyland to foster hope and love in their hearts
  • Bringing pure water to those who have a thirst
  • Creating agriculture where there is famine
  • Planting trees as a part of the agriculture to help our planet
  • Financing schools to teach life skill not just academics



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Welcome to We Share Abundance Success System!

As soon as you invite just a few people into your network, it will start growing virally and automatically.

Of course, the more you invite, the better. But, as soon as you invite even one person, you’ll be able to start sending messages right to their desktop.

The URL of your personalised We Share Abundance Success System page, which you should send people to so that they sign up under you can be found in Downline area of the application.

Go ahead, get a few friends in right now! Explain to them that they should start building their network too, and watch your network explode!

We have devised some extremely powerful (yet simple) marketing strategies which we’ll teach you so over the next few days so that you can really build up your network. So, stay tuned to this email address.

Good luck!

Graham Frame

We Share Abundance Success System

WESA Tokens are the hot property in the Crypto Space.

These are Tokens associated with the We Share Abundance (WSA) economy and have grown from about 5 cents 12 months ago to around $20 each today.

They will probably be over $40 by this time next month.

They will be thousands of dollars each within 12 months.

They are unique in the world of Crypto and that is why they are growing so fast..

You will never buy them at a lower price than you can get them today, so take action now…

You can buy these on the Waves, exchange right now but better still you can join We Share Abundance and get them FREE!

Just 100 Tokens bought today are likely to make you a millionaire within 2 years.

Stake Pools for a Guaranteed minimum 50% return on a 30-day contract and you will start to build your nest egg today.

Most Staking plans are long term, usually 12 months or more, but with WSA your cash is only tied up for 30 days and you are guaranteed a profit.

It’s Simple, It’s Revolutionary and It Works!

You can get started FREE (but better if you have from $2 to $125 to deposit for a 50% a month profit)

You don’t need to be a crypto expert…

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Register here!
2. Verify your email ( you can’t log in until you do this). Check spam folders if not in your inbox and if you still have trouble put in a support ticket.
3. From the dropdown menu in your office select “Pool Options”
4. Choose the Pools you wish to enter and add them to the cart (Pools must be entered in order). If you choose all 6 Pools and stake within 48 hours of registration you will get an instant $25 cashback reward.
5. View cart and review the items
6. Checkout and select payment method (1 and 2 are 100% automated).
Paypal is the fastest and easiest if you don’t have crypto. Time almost instant
If you already hold some crypto assets you can select to use them with the coin-payment options. Time usually about 20 minutes to complete but can be 2 or 3 hours.
If you are experienced in trading Crypto then you can buy WESA Tokens in the Waves exchange and upload them to your WSA Wallet and stake pools with them. Time can take up to 8 hours depending on when you request your deposit as these are processed manually.

To recap; the fastest way to get started is using a debit or credit card or your Paypal account.

Existing members will soon be offered the chance to buy a limited amount of WESA Tokens at half price, get positioned NOW!

Accumulate all the Tokens you can now because by this time next year they are likely to be worth thousands of dollars each! This is how you WILL create Your Nest Egg!

Thought For The Day – PEOPLE: Spot the difference!

God bless,
p.s. “If you really want to be successful and you really want to be happy, don’t have a job, have a purpose. When you’ve got a purpose, the whole world is your office.” ~ Paulo Coelho – Author

WE Share Abundance Charter

This document is the foundation for our community and forms a part of
our terms and conditions. In joining our community you agree to uphold our principles
that we seek true abundance in more than just material gains. WE seek to serve others
and in doing so create a sustainable business helping our fellow members to find
hope and extra income. WE as members help to preserve the ethics of this community
and the value of our community currency, the WESA Token.
All people from all nations, backgrounds and creeds are welcome here and are encouraged to participate in the simple tasks of service that generate personal income, group income and in doing so generate additional income to be used for charitable works.
In accordance with the above statements it is agreed that the withdrawal of WESA
Tokens will be restricted to balance supply and demand and that this will be determined by a
formula each month based on the anticipated growth of the community.
Although our currency may be traded as desired we hold the right to restrict withdrawals to
members found to be acting in any way detrimental to the good of the community as a whole
and devaluing WESA.
These activities include but are not limited to…
1. selling WESA at prices below fellow members in an attempt to “jump the
queue” in making sales.
2. selling WESA at prices below the community Guaranteed Minimum Value.
Our sacred mission is in YOUR hands, welcome to our loving community.

As a Nigeria how much can I use to started it to buy WESA coin…..because out people here are like only one to be benefit for every person they register for…….so my question is that with the we share abundance is free to join,but are we going to buy anything call WESA and like how many dollar are we going to buy……..Thanks

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