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We Share Abundance & WESA Token September 1, 2020 Evolution

Evolution of the maximum possible investment of 100 US Dollars (summed up in the 6 pools, for the highest level of Elite Membership), only after my first month (August 7-31 2020) from the We Share Abundance program for financial well-being and charity, looks promising …

In May 2019, a WESA Token was worth only a few cents North American (about $ .07), and on September 1 2020 it reached the value of $ 30, so it registered an exponential increase of 431 (!) times, in just 16 months!
This means that the growth rate was on average about 50%, ie 1.5 times (!) from one month to the next, as follows:

1 WESA = $ .07 (May 2019); .10; .15; .23; .34; .52; .78; 1.17; 1.76; 2.65; 3.97; 5.96; 8.95; 13.42; 20.14; 30.21 (specifically $ 30.2093 GMV – Guaranteed Minimul Value at September 1, 2020)

An exponential increase in the GMV of a WESA Token, 88 times in the last 12 months.

I appreciate that WESA Token will continue to grow exponentially and that the WSA program deserves to be recommended and promoted around the world, for financial well-being and supporting charities.

If we imagine that the average exponential growth rate will be maintained around 50% from one month to the next month (ie 1.5 times), in a year from now (September 1, 2021) …

1 WESA = $ 30.21 (September 1, 2020); 45.31; 67.96; 101.94; 152.91; 229.36; 344.04; 516.06; 774.09; 1161.13; 1741.69; 2612.53; 3,918.79 (September 1, 2021) WOW! An increase by, we will see…

I dare not imagine how much 1 WESA Token will be worth in two years, on September 1, 2022 … Will it exceed the market value of a Bitcoin? We will follow the evolution and we will see, it is already very interesting! That’s why I invite you to join this travel adventure for financial well-being and charity. “A full travel ticket” on the “We Share Abundance Ship” costs now only 100 USD, for Elite Membership. Who knows how much it will be worth in a year, two, three from now on!? …

I will publish an article every month about the evolution of the We Share Abundance community and the market value in US Dollars for WESA Token …

Thank you for your time, because “Time Means Money”, according to the American saying, and the most interesting money is the old Dollar, and more recently together with the young WESA Token!

Below is the table of results of the We Share Abundance team, for August 2020.

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